Design for people

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USchool minor develops your human-centered design skills in the domain of interactive products and services. 



USchool courses provide you a multi-disciplinary perspective to see the role of interactive products and services in people’s lives. Learning about human cognition, user interfaces, and user experience helps you to question and justify your decisions.

Do and learn

You’ll learn how to make interactive technology usable, pleasurable, and meaningful. Being able to answer to a real user’s need is rewarding and motivating. On the courses we build, test and iterate to improve our designs to the limit.

Care and act

We want to make a slightly prettier, easier, and friendlier world. No technology or design alone can solve the biggest and the most important problems of our world, but bad design can ruin a lot.

Student projects

You can choose the minor studies from a large selection of courses and thus influence a lot your USchool learning takeaways. 


USchool will give you an excellent skillset and mindset needed to start your career as an advocate for human-centered design, no matter if your place is in an NGO, start-up, tech business or UX consultancy.


Join us!

One thing is sure, though. In USchool, you’ll be part of a community of different minds with whom you’ll learn how to question, justify, design, build, care and act for more humane design, technology now and in the future.

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